Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Bank Account for West Sumatra Earthquake Aid

Indonesia Ministry of Finance has just opened an account at Bank Indonesia to provide an opportunity for the Nationwide and International donors to provide funds for earthquake victims in West Sumatra.

As a report from Harry Z. Soeratin, the Head of Public Relations Bureau, Indonesia Ministry of Finance, the Minister of Finance accounts for Sumatra Natural Disaster Aid are listed as below:

- Account No.519.000124 –> for Rupiah (Rp) currency and for currencies other than USD, EUR, and JPY.
- Account No.609.022411 –> for USD currency
- Account No.609.000991 –> for EUR currency
- Account No.609.007111 –> for JPY currency

All assistance will be disbursed by the Government to the disaster areas. The government ensures the accountability of transaction records. For more information, you can open

Well, this is quite a new action from Indonesian government and I appreciate it very much. As I recall, previously the foreign aids for natural disaster always come in the form of goods. By receiving the aid in the form of money, the aid can be used by the needed people in other important sectors other than food or clothes, such as an asset for them to rebuilt their home or their business. I just hope that the money from this aid can really help the needy in those disaster area.


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Thanks for the information

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