Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How Can I Save Money on Airfare and Expenses - Top 3 Coolest Ways to Travel Cheap

By Terrie Bryan

Well, the vacation season is fast approaching and even though the economy is not great we all need a holiday every now and then! But it sure would be nice to save money on airfare and other vacation expenses, wouldn't it?

Here are 3 excellent ways for you to travel cheap:

1. Attend a time share presentation. Yes, I can hear your gasp of dismay as you read this and wonder if I've gone 'round the bend. Nope! This is a tried and true method for obtaining cheap or free theme park tickets, airline fares, hotels, vacation packages, cruises, and all sorts of things. Many of my family members use this method several times a year, and so I have become a believer in it. It works! Here's the secret though, you MUST set a time limit when you arrive. Tell them how long you will stay to listen, and then politely listen to their spiel. Also make it very clear up front what you will receive at the end of the presentation. At the end, very courteously and very firmly tell them no thank you, and collect your free tickets.

2. Sign up for all of the frequent flyer/sleeper/cruiser deals you can find. Most people sign up for one and then either forget about it or just never bother to use it. Airlines hand out frequent flyer miles willy nilly, and most people don't realize hotels and cruise lines also reward their frequent customers. In fact they love them! So drop your name in the hat for every one of these programs you can find, and you'll find you can save a lot of money on airfare, cruises, and hotel. It is a super method to travel cheap every time.

3. Pay attention to sales ads you receive in the regular mail and in email. Most of them are junk, so toss them out, but once in a while you'll receive a real legitimate offer of a discount or freebie for a cruise or flight. Sure, there might be a catch (usually is) but it's normally just that they want you to try a product or listen to a presentation. If it's another spiel, just use the tips you employed for the time share up above, and you'll walk away with some great savings.

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