Sunday, February 19, 2006

Delayed Flight: Matak to Jakarta

On Saturday February 18, 2006 was the crew change day. After morning meeting around seven o'clock, like ordinary crew change day I prepared my baggage. Usually I fill my bag with one pair clothes. The clothes is for the preparation if just in case a bad weather in the middle of journey to Jakarta and the flight have to have diverted to other destination and have to stay one night there.

After half hour passed preparing my bag, I went to helicopter lounge to weight my self and my baggage. I weight 138 lbs (usually 134 lbs) and my baggage weight 10 lbs. Then I labeled my baggage like ordinary baggage label that can be found in each airport.

After that I worked on my report for my superior and my back to back. There quite a lot of work this trip but it is OK I can handle it very wellJ.

It was nine o’clock when I have finished my reports. “Hmm it’s time to get a coffee break”, I said to my self. Then I go to galley to take some bread.

When waiting for helicopter arrival, I played Play Station 2 with my friends. Not take so long I had to attend safety briefing before aboard to helicopter. Then we waited for the helicopter arrives.

It was almost ten thirty when I and the others take of for Matak Island. It took half hour to reach Matak.

After flew for half hour we arrived at Matak Island and all passenger went to arrival lounge and waited for they baggage offload from the helicopter.

When we got our baggage then I and the others go to security to get the baggage checked. After that I went to check in counter. In the check in counter I had been told that the flight would be change to around two o’clock and I and the rest had been asked to take lunch in the canteen first.

Ordinary when we arrived at Matak Island at eleven it will not take so long after we check in, all passengers who will be going back to Jakarta will be asked to board the plane. I asked to the dispatcher why the flight schedule has been changed; he told that we were waiting for passenger from the Rig.

After took lunch and finished noon prayer, I and my friends backed to waiting room for boarding.

It was two pm when we boarding and the plane took off around two twenty pm.

We arrived at Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport at five o’clock. It was clear sky when we landed so different with the day before.

That my experience when the flight was delayed for 2 hours.


Vivi said...

Eh ada Winahyo... apa kbr om? Tiba2 muncul pake request di blog gw, heheh... udah gw add tuh. Keliatannya makin sukses & makmur nih. Apa resepnya win? Hihi... Kapan ngundang2? Bukannya dulu wkt di nikahan Mufti udah dikenalin ke kita2?

eChie said...

Winahyo hai..hai..

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