Sunday, February 19, 2006

Becoming A Star: The Spirit of 2006

In the first quarter of 2006, my company held an Employee Dinner. Not like other events that my company held almost each year, this time held in Jakarta. Before this, it usually held outside the J-town.

The event took place in Assembly Hall JCC on Saturday February 25th 2006 from 18:00 till 23:00.

This year event has a theme “Becoming a Star: The Spirit of 2006. The theme “Becoming a Star” was chosen because everybody who attends tonight should feel like a star.

There were some prizes to win and a lot of door prizes. To win a prize you should wear movie character costumes.

Not all employees wearing costumes. The ones that have a good appearance with the costumes they wear will get a prize. There was three categories will be announce to get prizes. First category was individual, second was a couple, and third was a group who wears great and has good appearance.

I arrived at assembly hall about 20:00 o’clock that was because first I have to go to my friend‘s wedding receptions at Masjid MPR/DPR RI.

When I arrived there was COPI Dancer performed on the stage. There will be many singers and band will perform in this event. The singers are Dewi Sandra and Ike Nurjanah and for the band is ADA Band! For the MC’s there was a Nico Siahaan and Ivy Batuta.

In the assembly hall each employee can sit on round table like in a restaurant in a hotel. There was so many kind of food from Indonesian traditional food like soto and International food like steak.

Before get inside the assembly hall, all have to registrant in the front desk. There was a gate with banner becoming a star attached to it before going to front desk. After front desk they will be fortune teller kiosk. You may ask about your romance, lucky and so on. There also a photo booth. All employee may get they photograph with becoming a star banner as a background by talented photographer.

There were other both besides those two which was a tattoo booth. Yes a tattoo both. But not tattoo that use a needle. This tattoo is not a permanent one. There is only a picture that was drew by a tattoo artist using special ink, that will last on your skin for about 30 days.

Now back to the assembly hall. In the assembly hall there is a big stage for about 30 x 15 meters with full of music instruments. In the left and right of the stage there was a big screen. And in the back corner there were two television installed. All big screen and the television broadcast all that happened on the stage.

Ike Nurjanah in Action!

It already nine o’clock when Ike Nurjanah get on stage. She was wearing a lonk dress with gold color.

As we know she a dangdut singer. She sang four songs if I not mistaken. One of the songs was “Terlena”.

When Ike sang there were a lot of people did a dangdut dance. It has special movement which is the dancer usually show they both thumb ups when they dance.

There also duet session, which employee can sing with Ike. It pike from the employee who can sing a dangdut song.

After singing Ike Nurjanah with Nico Siahaan and Ivy Batuta give some door prizes to person who wins.

When she sang she also gets off from the stage and go to the crowd. This time I take my chance to get close look on her. She is not so tall indeed like in television that I’ve watch before. I get a lot a picture of her but I can not upload to this blog all because it will slowdown when someone opening my blog.

Dewi Sandra and the Dancer

Dewi Sandra sang with her dancers danced behind her. She was wearing white costume as well as the dancers. She looks prettier than when you see her in television.

She also sang with one of the employee.

ADA Band!

The last artist performed in this event was Ada Band! The band sang all their hits song in their latest album.

Like two artist before there was an employee also sang with the vocalist.


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