Monday, September 05, 2005

Diving Ship Vessel Near Platform

DSV or Diving Ship Vessel is a ship that special for diving activities in deep sea. Usually it could accommodate for diving job that reach a sea dept 100 to 150 meters.

DSV is equipped with pressurized chamber. Pressure in the chamber can be control as a desire. This chamber used by divers to adapt with dept sea environment which have high pressure environment.

So if there is a diving job activity in dept sea, the divers first have to lockdown in the chamber, then pressure in side chamber will be increase step by step to the level where they going to dive. If they want to do a job in 100 meters sea dept the pressure inside the chamber have to increase to the same pressure as pressure in 100 meters sea dept slowly without endanger the diver live inside. It could be take a week to reach a desire pressure.

After the pressure has reaches the desire level, the divers inside the chamber could dive to desire level of sea dept as planned.

Before diving activities start, the chamber will be drowned into the sea until reach a desire dept e.g. 100 meters. After arrived in such dept, the chamber door may be open and divers can go out to open sea dept and do they task. Can you imagine how difficult those tasks, but don’t worry the have been trained very well.
When the picture taken, the DSV have a job near field that I on boarded for installation new subsea wells. The divers have tasks to install subsea control unit for each new wells.
To go to surface, divers back to chamber. After that, chamber will be rig up to the surface. Like when they enter the chamber, they have to wait go out from the chamber immediately. Why? Because the pressure different is so high and they could die if they do. So to do that, pressure inside the chamber has to decrease slowly till reach atmospheric surface pressure approximately about 1 atm. This also takes times because it needs to decrease slowly without endanger the diver inside.
When pressure reach 1 atm, divers may go outside the chamber safely.

Hang Tuah, 05 September 2005

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