Saturday, April 01, 2006

Jakarta - Pangkal Pinang - Platform

On 1st April it was crew change for me. As you know, I am working at Offshore and have 2 weeks on-duty and 2 weeks off-duty.

I arrived at airport around 4:30. Like usual after check in, I went to mosque to get dawn prayer. After that, I went to departing room at 5:30.

In the departing room I was waiting for almost 1 hour before boarding. The plane which was a Fokker 50 was taking of around 6 o’clock in the morning. In this flight I got seat in the middle of the right side. I can see the landing gear clearly.

In the first minutes the fly was like usual, after the plane reach 1000 feet the stewardess announced us that we can take off our seat belt but it recommended fastening it all the time during the flight.

Not for long after the announcement, I saw the landing gear went down and then up again. At around 7 o’clock the captain announced us that the plane had problem. The captain explained that there was a crack at the cockpit window and all of us had to go back to Airport.

The plane was landing safely at 7:30. After landed we instructed by the ground staff to wait in departing room and get some breakfast.

We eat the plane food for breakfast, hmmm is not so delicious but it’s free he he he.

After eat the ground staff announced us that we were going to use smaller plane and we had to wait for a wail for they to transfer our baggage to the new plane. The plane is Skyvan. The Skyvan is a 19-seater twin turboprop aircraft manufactured by Short Brothers at the time Short Brothers & Harland Ltd and used mainly for short-haul freight and skydiving.

At around 8:45 we were asked to board the plane. We take off around 9 o’clock.

After almost 1 hour the stewardess announced ask that we can take off the seat belt. Pffffff it taken so long, because the first plane only take about 10 minutes before we can take off the seat belt.

We arrived at Airport around 11 o’clock. We all were asked to go to departure hall for waiting the plane for refueling.

After wait for about 30 minutes, we were asked to boarding. It’s almost 12 o’clock when we take off.

There was taken about 2 hours to get to Airport. We arrived at Airport around thirty pas two.

After take helicopter safety briefing we were boarding to chopper. We arrived at Platform around 3 o’clock

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