Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Beautiful Hadith 1

Rasulullah (Sallalloho alaihe Wa-aalay wasallam) said:
'When a man dies and his relatives are busy in funeral, there stands an extremely handsome man by his head. When the dead body is shrouded, that man gets in between the shroud and the chest of the deceased.

After the burial, people return home, 2 angels, Munkar and Nakeer (names of two special Angels), come in the grave and try to separate this handsome man so that they may be able to interrogate the dead man in privacy about his faith.

But the handsome man says, 'He is my companion, he is my friend. I will not leave him alone in any case. If you are appointed for interrogation, do your job. I cannot leave him until I get him admitted into Paradise'.

Thereafter he turns to his dead companion and says, 'I am the Qura'an, which you used to read, sometimes in a loud voice and sometimes in a low voice. Do not worry. After the interrogation of Munkar and Naker, you will have no grief. When the interrogation is over, the handsome man arranges for him from Al-Mala'ul A'laa (the angels in Heaven) a silk bedding filled with musk.

Rasulullah (Sallalloho alaihe Wa-aalay wasallam) said:

'On the Day of Judgement, before Allah, no other intercessor will have a greater status than the Qura'an, neither a Prophet nor an angel Please keep forwarding this 'Hadith' to all ...because Rasulullah (Sallalloho alaihe Wa-aalay wasallam) said:
'Pass on knowledge from me even if it is only one verse'.

May Allah bestow this favour on all of us.(AMEEN AMEEN)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Six Self Motivation Techniques

Do you find that you have a lack of self motivation at times? You can learn a hundred ways to improve your life, but then hesitate to act. Something less important catches your attention, or you just don't feel like doing what you need to do. Even if you are normally a motivated person, there may be times when you have a hard time getting started on an important task.

There is a solution. Actually, there are probably dozens of solutions. Here are six of the best. These are self-motivation techniques that work for others. Try them, and if you find even one or two here that work for you, you'll be on your way.

The Six Self Motivation Techniques are:

1. Find a true interest in what you are doing. If you have no interest at all, it might mean you need to do something else. On the other hand, if it's just a task you dislike, relate it clearly in your mind to the greater goal.

2. Create energy. You need some energy for self motivation. Caffeine may help for a while, if it doesn't create other problems for you. You can also exercise and sleep well. Watch out for sugary foods - the "sugar blues" will kill your motivation.

3. Talk your way to motivation. If the task itself is less inspiring, talk about the larger goals it will help you achieve.

4. Stimulate desire. Imagining their potential future motivates many to sign up for get-rich-quick plans. Good salesmen can put you in your imagined dream home in minutes, and you'll feel motivated to do anything to make it real. Why not learn to be your own salesman?

5. Stimulate pain. Imagine any bad consequences that may occur if you don't do what you need to do.

6. Start with any small step. Training yourself to take any small step towards your goals is a great self motivation technique. Breaking larger goals down into small steps makes this even easier.

Oh, and humor is technique number seven. Laughing can overcome that feeling of being overwhelmed that sucks away self motivation.

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

When Your Child Visits the Hospital: 10 Tips for Parents

Taking your child to the hospital can be a confusing and emotionally taxing experience. To help parents better know what to expect and how to cope, Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of NewYork-Presbyterian created the Family Advisory Council, comprised of family members of current and former patients and staff at the Hospital who work together to help families get all the information they need so they can care for their children with confidence.

In this spirit, the Family Advisory Council offers 10 useful tips :

1. Take notes and include names and contact numbers for your child's medical team.
2. Store nurse's station phone number in your wallet, and call anytime for updates on your child.
3. Give the nurses your contact information so you can be reached anytime.
4. Ask your medical team about the care plan for the day and write it down.
5. Always repeat information back to the doctor or nurse to confirm your understanding.
6.Write down any questions as you think of them-even in the middle of the night.
7. Refer to your notebook when talking with doctors.
8. Ask for as many explanations of a diagnosis, labs or test results as needed until you understand the information.
9. Note any changes in your child's appetite, energy level, mood, pain levels, or other areas you observe, and share this information with the healthcare team.
10. If you think you child is in pain, contact the nurse immediately.

Parents are an integral part of their child's health-care team, even in the hospital," says Karen Bergan, parent leader and chair of the Family Advisory Council at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital. "You know your child best. Listen to them and trust your instincts. When meeting with your doctor, communicate your thoughts, and don't forget to ask lots of questions."

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