Friday, January 18, 2008

What is Geo Tag?

Geo Tag is one of the Meta Tag that is used to make a webpage friendlier to search engine in term of personalization of the location of the website or usually called SE-Friendly. Geo tag itself consist of information about geographic location of your site that will be interpret by crawler of the search engine as your target visitors. So, let's get more to know about this Geo tag.

The Geo tag has 3 elements, which are:

<META NAME="geo.position" CONTENT="latitude; longitude">
<META NAME="geo.placename" CONTENT="nama tempat">
<META NAME="geo.region" CONTENT="kode negara">

First element (geo.position) gives information about geographic position base on latitude and longitude.

Second element (geo.placename) gives information about name location or city.

The last, the third one (geo.region) gives information of the country or state.

The examples are as follows:

<META NAME="geo.position" CONTENT="-7.2333;112.75″>
<META NAME="geo.placename" CONTENT="surabaya">

In above example, when those codes are placed in the HTML of the webpage, it gives information to search engine that the website has geographic position in city of Surabaya in country of Indonesia.

Practically, not all the element of the Geo tag must be included. As example, for Indonesia for instance it is barely enough by only added the "ID" in

Or for more detail:

<META NAME="geo.position" CONTENT="-5;120″>
<META NAME="geo.placename" CONTENT="Indonesia">

At last there is a question how to get the value of geo tag especially longitude and altitude as the example above? Do we have to have a GPS equipment to get the numbers? Of course not, we can use this tool to find the longitude and altitude, then fill the numbers to Geo Tag Generator tool. Isn't that so easy?

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