Thursday, November 06, 2008

Developing the Self Esteem

We should always boost up our self esteem. This is because our lives are filled with various kinds of events which affects our emotions. In any circumstances, for example failure in exam or a breaking marriage can affect one's self esteem. Your own will power helps you in building your self esteem. This requires confidence and to develop it you just have to know in the first place in which particular area you lack self esteem. It can be in study, love affair, or in any other area.

For this you have to maintain records of your progress at regular intervals. Positive thinking is of great help in this matter. A positive approach towards life can improve the self esteem remarkably. Whatever situations you might be in; always feeling good always helps. This will also lift up your confidence. When you are introduced to someone for the first time,directly look into their eyes. This brings about significant changes in the way you interact with him or her in the future.

Be friendly when you are getting acquainted and just think that this person is good and will be important for you. Gradually, this will create a confidence in you and will help to establish your self esteem. Remember to count on the listening power. The act of properly listening will help you in the long run and is a good habit that should be developed. Listen to the speaker with attention.

Respond to people who speak to you by smiling, nodding or simply saying things such as, "ok", "oh yes" or "that's awesome". It takes time to improve self confidence but it is worth doing. Give respect in order to get respect. Some people are very sensitive. Deal with them carefully and see that they are not criticized or offended in any manner. You can also counsel for advices on self esteem from your colleagues, family, friends, and mentors or people whom you respect and trust.

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