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Changing Your Mindsets to Make Changes in Your Personal Life

It is simple. If you want to make changes in your personal life you have to change the way you think.

It has often been said, "It is all in the mind!" That statement is absolutely correct.

It is difficult to change unless you are ready to accept changes.

Changes are only easy to accept when you are mentally prepared for the consequences.

Unless that 'state of readiness' is achieved it is hard to change.

The following points will help us appreciate this argument.

It is important to have then desire to learn new things.

My parents are witnesses to many changes in their lifetime.

They used to solely listen to the radio before the advent of TV.

They have witnessed all the different generations of TVs, cameras, and music systems.

They used to write letters as young adults.

Now they try to learn what the new Iphone can do, what the new iPod shuffle can do, what is a Roomba, how does the G.P.S. work, which is the best gaming console, and why do I, their daughter, enjoy all these new 'toys'.

They love to write emails and can easily chat on Yahoo Messenger.

I shudder to imagine how their lives would be had they not adopted all the changes and decided one fine morning that they were comfortable with what they were doing.

They are willing to accept changes only because they have an open mind and unlike many of their friends, they 'want to learn'.

Learning is easy when you want to. It is harder to teach a concept to someone who is simply not interested.

Similarly it is relatively difficult to convey a message to someone who is not even paying attention to what you are saying.

Apply this to yourself and learn to accept change in your life.

Identify areas where you think it is harder for you to cope with changes.

Write them down in a personal log or make a mental note and then try to improve yourself.

Many studies have proven that people who make planned efforts to learn have been more successful than others who want to learn in a random, unsystematic way.

Learn to be amoebic.

If you have a chance to listen to a good speaker taking a class on 'Change Management', notice that s/he will always mention that organizations have to be amoebic.

The word 'Amoeba' was derived from the Greek, meaning "to change".

An Amoeba is a unicellular protozoan organism which moves by continually changing its body shape and forming extensions called pseudo pods (false feet).

It can live almost anywhere because of its simple structure and changing body.

The idea of an Amoeba that can change so easily has always stuck with me and I continuously try to be like one.

It is not only relevant to organizations but also to people.

We must be amoebic and change as and when required.

We all see good times and rough times in our personal lives.

All new situations demand something different from us.

We cannot play the same role in each situation and expect a solution to what is not currently satisfactory.

The simplest way to make changes in your personal life is by accepting the need to change, being amoebic in your approach to deal with that change, and always thinking of change as a positive activity from which you can learn.

In short, develop flexible mindsets and be open to the concept of life-long learning.

Gloria M Hamilten is a recognized authority in disciplines within Personal Development and People Skills for Business Professionals, such as Time Management, Negotiation Skills, Developing High-Performance Teams, Assertion Skills, Building International Rapport, Conflict Management and Resolution, Presentation and Platform Skills.

Her studies in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Psychology have lead to her researching brain disorders such as AD-HD and its relations.

She has her own training business, and conducts courses for Corporate Organizations, Sporting groups and Tertiary Educational Institutions in Australia.

Her professional experience covers over 30 years of study, research, one-on-one coaching, group coaching, presentations and workshops. Her clientele includes children as well as adults.

Gloria Hamilten has authored the eBook: "Successful Self-Hypnosis" and many Reports and online articles.

Her websites provide a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything within these genres.

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ava said...

hey..i really liked your article..especially the thing about being "amoebic"...thnks!!

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