Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Owl

Like ordinary day in Hang Tuah when all personnel doing their works, some folks suddenly approach me and then he told me that he saw an owl in platform, at glycol re-boiler skid exactly. With full of curiosity in my head, me and my friend go outside to where the bird seen before.

When arrived at the location, I saw an owl with mixed brown-white feather stand at a manual block valve. The owl itself approximately has thirty centimeters tall. For information, this has not happened before. Me and my friend got wonder, where this owl came from. Actually there so many birds have come here but not this kind of bird, an owl. Usually only sea bird from nearest coast of Natuna Islands arrived here for taking a rest before they continue they journey.

“I think it would be nice if we documented the owl by taking its picture”, I suggested to my friend. He Agreed, he said. Then I went back to Living Quarters to get digital camera.

I took the picture from different distance and angle. The closes distance between us and the owl was 1 meter. When we move around the owl his face always follow us. It’s amazing that the owl can turn his head almost 360 degrees.

After taking picture I downloaded the picture and published in this blog. I wonder what other kind of bird will come to the platform.

Hang Tuah, 18 November 2005


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