Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Day at Platform

An activity starts 5 o’clock when hang Tuah crew one by one wake up. Each going into bath room for cleans and freshens up. After take shower I get my sajjadah for dawn prayer. In Hang Tuah someone can pray in their room either in musholla. Finish praying, dinning room will be full of crew for taking breakfast. All crew who wake up in the morning will not drop the chance to take breakfast. Why? Becouse of the menu! There are so many menus you can choose, bread, green bean with black sticky rice, milk, and fried rice. Some times also served “nasi uduk” and “ketupat sayur”. For someone who like to smoke, they will go to smoking room after breakfast, to get some tar and nicotine flow inside their neck.

Approach six o’clock in the morning, all crew will go to meeting room for morning and tool box meeting. In the meeting we evaluate all activities from yesterday, do some coordination to do a job plans. Usually this meeting will take one to one and one half hours. The unique think from this meeting, we in Hang Tuah always the meeting with stretching! Yes stretching, like stretching before us going for the exercise. And last but not least we also toast after the stretching. After meeting finished all crew go for their works that have planned before.

Reach 9 o’clock in the morning, all works will stop and all crew will take a first coffee break. The menu for coffee break also very delicious and various, such us roasted bread with various jam that can be choice which is vanilla, strawberry, peanuts, and so on. But the main menu for this coffee break is “indomie” with hotdog, egg, “krupuk” and vegetables.

After break all back to work again, continue for their target. For operators, they should maintain the export to give customer demand fulfill. For maintenance team, they will do preventive maintenance and troubleshoot equipment that not working properly if occurred. All crew is working till twelve o’clock. Then all go to changing room to prepare for lunch. For lunch, the menu so various such today us, fried chicken, stir fried vegetables, and sup. For dessert there is papaya, pie, and all others cookies, also ice cream! “Nyam … nyam …. How Delicious.

After lunch, for smokers they will continue to smoking room and watch TV. Others will have chit-chat about the work or other topics or they go to their rooms to take a nap. Yes a nap, you can do that until one o’clock before start to work again.

After wake up from a sleep and get noon prayer all continue their work again. This time I am continuing my job by checking, PLC and SCADA system. It should be check to ensure all data and communication are running very well. Teng… teng… teng, it’s already three o’clock afternoon. It’s time for second coffee break.

On the second coffee break the cook served bread with hotdog inside and fried banana. I prefer to take a fried banana, get some roasted bread peanuts jam, and ssssrrlup… warm tea. After take afternoon prayer activities continue. This time the activities already slow down, almost all work had been finished. Also this day there would be a presentation from doctor about personal protective equipment that support for healthiness.

The presentation last till six o’clock in the afternoon. It’s time for dinner! Hmmm the main course for dinner is sirloin steak. After taking dinner I go to musholla for set prayer with others, and then go to my room for take shower.

Then after all crew have freshen up there is a presentation again. This time from office employee give us presentation about sustainable development. We also gather in meeting room for this presentation. This presentation takes one hour.

After the presentation it’s time for each to spend their own time by their interest. I prefer to watch on television. Hey there TROY movie is played. I haven’t seen this movie. Then I watched the movie for about one and half hour.

After watched the movie, I logged in to a PC to read email and make some report that and this and made some plans for works tomorrow. Uupss… it’s already eleven o’clock near midnight. So, I did Isya’ prayer then went to sleep. Zzz… zzz…zzz.

Hang Tuah, 20 November 2005


nYobz said...

pantesan gemuk, makan mulu seeeh... :p

eChie said...

Makasih Win, jadi tau deh kegiatan di tengah laut :-). It's good as long as you can enjoy it.

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