Friday, July 31, 2009

East Kalimantan allocates Rp 6.3b to provide laptops for teachers

The East Kalimantan Education Agency is allocating Rp 6.3 billion (US$636,300) to provide laptops for 1,000 teachers in the province.

This news is good news for our education in Indonesia. We hope with this action can improve our Indonesian man resources. But we should audit the expenses and also is it true the teachers using these laptops to educational purpose and boost they knowledge so it can share updated knowledge to their students.

Musyahrim, secretary of the agency, said Friday that the funds would be allocated in the revision of the province's 2009 budget.

He said the teachers who would receive the laptops are teachers of international standard schools (SBI), international standard pilot-project schools (RSBI). RSBI refers to state schools that are in the process of becoming SBIs.

“Currently, there are around 4,000 teachers in those schools, but we will provide them all with laptops eventually,” he said.

The province has 31 SBIs and RSBIs, ranging from elementary schools to high schools and vocational schools.


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