Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Relax . . . Stress Can Be Good For You!

by DesireeJumchai

Stress, or ‘the consequence of the failure to adapt to change’ [Wikipedia], is the body’s way of rising to a challenge and preparing to meet a tough situation with focus, strength, stamina and heightened awareness. Stress can help us become more productive and less destructive, if it is transformed to be useful in the right way.

In the networking business, we may face stress in terms of rejection from prospects, financial pressures, weekly cut-offs, delayed delivery orders, etc. But without facing some minor stress, we will not be prepared and stronger for heavier challenges -- and life IS all about challenges, isn’t it?

Think of your daily life. When do you get things done? Do you find yourself being lazy and unproductive if you had no imposed deadline? They say ‘necessity is the mother of invention'. Without some provocation of stress, there would be no need to find or create solutions, and therefore we would not be witness to all the great things achieved in life by people!

What can you do to deal with stress overload or, better yet, to avoid it in the first place? The most helpful method is stress management, or learning how to deal with the stress that comes along with any new challenge -- good AND bad. Here are some helpful hints on how to "de-stress" and keep it under control:

• Take a stand against over-scheduling. Prioritise on activities that are most important to you

• Be realistic. Don't try to be perfect - nobody is. Ask for help if you need it

• Get a good night's sleep

• Learn to relax. Set aside time in your schedule activities like reading a good book, making time for a hobby, spending time with your pet, or just taking a relaxing bath

• Treat your body well. Regular exercise and eating the right food helps your body function at its best

• Watch what you're thinking. A healthy dose of optimism can help you make the best out of stressful circumstances

• Solve the little problems. Learning to solve everyday problems can give you a sense of control. Develop skills to calmly look at a problem, figure out options, and take some action toward a solution. Feeling capable of solving little problems builds the inner confidence to move on to life's bigger ones

"Don't be afraid if things seem difficult in the beginning. That's only the initial impression. The important thing is not to retreat; you have to master yourself." Olga Korbut, Gymnast - Four Time Olympic Gold Medalist

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