Monday, February 16, 2009

Let's Get Motivated!

By Kevin J Houston

What's your motivation? What's keeps you going when you sometimes do not feeling like continuing on? Do you have a goal you want to accomplish? Are you trying to impress a love one? Are you motivated for health reasons? Well, whatever your motivation is, let's get motivated and let stay motivated.

Motivated people get things done. Motivated people do not procrastinate or hesitate when it comes time to do something. Motivated people are successful people and successful people are motivated people. You will never achieve success if you are not motivated. A person's desire to be successful is their motivation. Money could be your motivation, fame could be your motivation or even wanting to help other people could be a motivation for you.

I believe that there is something that motivates everyone to do something whether it is a negative or a positive motivator. Positive motivation is what yields positive results and a positive lifestyle.

Self motivation is your ability to satisfy your desires or goals without having to be influence by someone else. Self motivation to me is the key to a healthy and successful life. Self motivation puts you in control. You do not have to wait on someone to get moving or get going. You encourage and motivate yourself. Self-motivation along with self-esteem is what leads to self-improvement. Self motivation helps you build your confidence in yourself. Self motivated people are the leaders of the pack. Self motivated people run and own the companies your work for and buy from. Self motivated people do not make excuses they make the rules you live by.

Now whether you need a little push to get going or not, that does not matter. What matters is that you get moving and doing something productive in life. Motivated people live longer, healthier and successful lives than procrastinators and complainers. "So let's get motivated and stop complaining!"

Kevin J Houston
"Motivating and Encouraging People For Life"

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ava said...

very true and very well said!! yes, self motivation is the key to success!!


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