Monday, April 28, 2008

Memory – What Makes People Face Failure in Improving Memory?

by Bertil B Hjert

When it comes to improving memory there are several techniques available on the market. However, people still face complete failure in improving their memory power. There are several reasons for this.

Most people tend to waste their hard money on various memory products that are actually fake and not meant to enhance memory at all. They purchase these products after watching some of the powerfully directed commercials or reading billboards and newspapers classifieds ads.

Once they see something attractive and promising, they order the products. It is only after purchasing the product that they came to know about its inability to enhance memory or just about any other thing.

Another main reason in this concern is lack of practical knowledge. People don’t have any amount of practical training or very little practical knowledge. It is simple. One cannot purchase a book on body building and obtain the desired look by just reading it.

Most internet savvies usually look for instant results or magic pills. These may be available but would never provide you any sort of results.

The main thing is to attain practical experience and training. This will only make you achieve desired results.

Try to understand that memorizing skill should be natural and absolutely effortless. It should be as natural as a practical ability such as reading. When you read, you don’t think about the process. It occurs naturally.

Memorizing should occur in similar manner. Make it as effortless as breathing. You should memorize fast, efficient and via enjoying the process.

Once you possess memorization skill, you can memorize anything, even an online book. Another reason why people fail is that they get trapped in to the lure of memorization techniques, widely known as memories. People are under a false notion that the more techniques they have, the better memory they have. Hence, they are happy spending money on a lot of books, CD and videos.

Sadly, the fact is that almost 99 per cent of these techniques are inefficient and ineffective. The main reason is that they are outdated and not at all based on natural processes of memory and brain.

Now, as you have been acquainted with so many reasons on why most people fail to enhance their memory, you must stay away from frauds and focus on the fact.

Remember that real memory can only be enhanced via professional help and practical training. You need an instructor who would help you out in this.

To sum up, if you are really interested in enhancing your memory, you must believe in practical training more than anything else. - All the best!

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