Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Responsibility of Being Our Leader

Even though we work for an organization, you are our leader. We don't follow the company's mission statement, senior management memos, annual reports, or what the stock market watchers say about us as much as we follow you. And, like it or not, you're not only our leader but also a large part of our career success. Our job happiness depends on our relationship with you.

Please don't take this lightly. Sometimes we lie awake nights worrying about you and how you feel about things. We wonder why you pass us in the hall without even acknowledging our presence. We wonder why you take some of us behind closed doors while leaving others outside. As our leader, you influence all of us!

Believe it or not, we DO understand that leadership isn't easy. We watch every day and see you assume incredible responsibilities. You're accountable for your actions and for our actions, plus all the fiscal requirements, employee problems, feedback, training, technology changes, hiring, de-hiring, communicating, staff development, prioritizing, eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy, and much more. Your job is tough. But it is the job you chose.

"What we ask of you is to accept responsibility for being the very best at your job so we can be the best at our jobs"

When you became a manager, supervisor, or team leader, the game changed. You're now held to a higher level of accountability than before. In fact, everything you do is exaggerated; you are under a magnifying glass. And when you're down, we're down. When you're up, we're up. You set the tone…you shape the environment in which we can be successful.

Because of this, we expect more from you than from anyone else in our organization. And we need you to lead us without excuses.

The leadership you display and the decisions that you make contribute more to our success than all other factors combined.

Everything you do counts. Make it count!



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