Thursday, March 17, 2005

Chopper Landed at Platform

It is very rarely chopper landed and stops for hours on Hang Tuah helideck. Usually the chopper landed just for about fifteen minutes only for crew change. Except that day, there is a visit from office employees who want to observe field condition for couple hours. The visitor didn’t stay for a night so the chopper had to wait for them. So while the chopper still on helideck for a while, I took a chance to take some picture with helicopter as a background of course.

This chopper is one of four choppers that service for crew change from Matak Island to oil and gas field near this island. It takes for about thirty to forty minutes to get to each field from the island. If you have a chance as mine to flight with the chopper in this area, you will see others small even tiny islands spread in this region. After fifteen minutes flew from Matak Island, there will be so many cargo ships, fishing boats, and some times cruising ships like Star Cruise Virgo. (Hmm when can I onboard that ship, I wonder!)

For many times I always want to bring my camera to get some pictures from heights inside the chopper, but like I usually do, I forget to do so! But something I always do when I am in chopper is sleep, he he he. Cause before that I already took flight from Jakarta to Matak Island for almost 3 hours and I have to check in at Halim Airport not more than 5 o’clock in the morning.

But for all reason, it’s so joyful to flight with choppers. But there is also bad feeling when fly with it. It’s very bad when in the middle no where at sea the weather become unfriendly… wadu … (pronounced with Bajuri accent). When before everybody busy with they dream in their sleeping suddenly all wake up and look around to all direction. Because when the chopper enter the clouds there will be little bit shaking he he he, fuih… and sometimes you will feel your heart beat become faster.

Hang Tuah 17 March 2005


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